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Huge collection of rare world replacement banknotes

Huge collection of rare world replacement banknotes

Huge collection of rare world replacement banknotes

A collection of Rare World Replacement Banknotes. This is my private collection: more banknotes are added every week (last updated on March 14,2020 currently 276 replacements are listed on this page). Unlike coins each banknote is unique as it has its very own serial number that can never be repeated. If banknote is damaged during the printing process it needs to be replaced. Since the printing process has become very efficient only a very small number of banknotes require replacement, making replacement banknotes rare and hard to find.

1 Replacement banknote is a banknote that is printed as a separate printing run to replace banknotes damaged during the printing process. They are printed consecutively in a very small printing run under special designated prefix.

Replacement banknotes can be issued as inserts and non-inserts. 2 Inserts are the replacement banknotes that are actually physically inserted into the banking bundle replacing the damaged and discarded banknote. 4 Shoulders are the regular banknotes on both sides of the replacement banknote.

They allow to establish the exact serial number of the replaced banknote. 5 False replacements are the banknotes that have accidentally used the underlying replacement banknotes to create a new category of banknotes. The most common examples are emergency issue overprints that have been accidentally made on the replacement banknotes of the previous issues. We are members of ANA & IBNS. Also get access to special deals, discounts and promotions designed for subsribers only.

Northern Ireland, Bank of Ireland, 50 Pounds, 2004, Z-prefix. Uganda, 50 shillings, P-8, X/1 prefix, 2 consecutive inserts. Belize, 5 dollars, 2007, P-67cr, 3 consecutive inserts. Jamaica, 2 dollars, P-69, ZZ-prefix, 2 consecutice inserts. Eritrea, 50 Nakfa, P-7, ZZ-Prefix, Insert. Gambia, 10 Dalasis, P-26, Z-Prefix, Insert. Guyana, 100 Dollars, Z/1-Prefix, Insert. Malawi, 20 Kwacha, 2 inserts with shoulders, BZ-prefix. Rwanda, 100 Francs, VV-prefix, insert. Yugoslavia, 100 Dinara, 1986, ZB replacement with 2 shoulders. Cook Islands, P-7, replacment, ZZZ-prefix, replaced AAA381401 in a bundle. Suriname, 25 Gulden, year 2000, P-148, ZZ007891, replaced AY846965. Nepal, 1000 Rupees, P-66, ND (2008) replacement, Kha 55 prefix. Northern Ireland, Bank of Ireland, 5 pounds, 20th april 2008, ZZ-Prefix, replacement, insert. Northern Ireland, Northern bank, 10 pounds, 9th November 2008, YY-Prefix, replacement, insert.

Rwanda, 1000 Francs, 1998, XX replacement with two shoulders. Kyrgyzstan, 200 Som, 20101, Replacement CZ-Prefix. Malaysia, 1 Rnggit, P-39, ZE-Replacment with two shoulders. Laos, 100 Kip, ND (1974), P-16, S9 replacement, found as an insert in the U1 bundle. 20 francs, 1997, P-88Ar, Z-Suffix.

Peru, 10,000 Intis, 1988, P-140r, Y-Prefix. Ireland, Republic, 1980, P-71c, AAA-replacment. Mozambique, 500 meticais, P-134, 1991, AW-prefix replacement for AA-Prefix banknote. Malawi, 1000 Kwacha, 2012, ZA-Prefix.

Sri Lanka, 2 pcs of Z5 500 Rs replacements, with shoulders, P-126r. Sierra Leone, 1 Leone, 1984, P-5r, Z/1, UNC. Guinea, 1000 Francs, 2015, P-48ar, ZA-prefix, replacement with two shoulders. Papua New Guinea, P-36r, ZZZZ-Replacement.

Nigeria, 5 naira, 2002, P-25gr, DZ/48. Congo DR, 1000, 2013, P-101br, Q-Z. China, 50 Yuan, 2019, AJ-Prefix. Mongolia, 10 Tugric, 2014, P-62h, XX-Prefix, two replacements with the shoulders.

Yugoslavia, 5,000,000,000 Dinara, 1993, P-135r, ZA-Prefix. Northern Ireland, Danske Bank, 2 x 10 pounds, 2017, Polymer, ZZ-Prefix.

Nigeria, 2 x 20 Naira, 2017, P-34mr, Polymer, DZ-Prefix. The item "Huge collection of rare world replacement banknotes" is in sale since Friday, September 17, 2010. This item is in the category "Coins & Paper Money\Paper Money\ World\Collections & Lots". The seller is "yuri111" and is located in Woodinville, Washington. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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Huge collection of rare world replacement banknotes