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£1 Bank Note Forde E01y 117533 Be74b Vf+

£1 Bank Note Forde E01y 117533 Be74b Vf+
£1 Bank Note Forde E01y 117533 Be74b Vf+
£1 Bank Note Forde E01y 117533 Be74b Vf+

£1 Bank Note Forde E01y 117533 Be74b Vf+
70 Gem Unc 70 EPQ. The margins and registration must appear centered to the unaided eye. Notes must qualify for the PMG Star Designation to be graded 70. Superb Gem Unc 69 EPQ.

This note is nearly visually indistinguishable from a 70 but the margins and registration may appear slightly off center. Superb Gem Unc 68 EPQ. The margins and registration are slightly off center. Superb Gem Unc 67 EPQ. A note with above-average margins and registration.

The centering must be above average. The centring is off on one or two sides.

The centring is imperfect, and the design may be flat. There may be several flaws but there will be no folds. There will be no folds, however. The margins may touch or come into the design. The note is poorly centred, and the margins come into the design.

There will be no folds through the design. A note with problems that may include toned paper, a small stain or fading. Often a note with a single fold that crosses the design. This grade is commonly assigned to a note that has one fold or two to three corner folds through the design. A note with two vertical folds or a single horizontal fold. The note has two heavier folds or light horizontal and vertical folds. A note with two to three heavy folds, one of which may be horizontal. There are three or more folds, one of which may be horizontal. For years dealers and collectors called this grade VF-XF. This note looks Extremely Fine, but it will have four to seven light folds. This note will be lightly circulated and may have light soiling.

There will typically be seven to ten folds. A note that shows modest evidence of circulation as well as more folds and/or soiling than a note graded 30. The note is moderately circulated with numerous folds, mild soiling. There are no serious detractions but there may be minor defects.

This note may look like a Very Fine note, but upon closer examination it is found to have too many folds or too much circulation to warrant a Very Fine grade. The evidence of circulation is considerable with rounded corners, margin splits and other issues. The note must be whole with solid paper. A solid, whole note with lots of circulation. The note is too limp and has a number of minor problems. The note is heavily circulated but is intact.

Some small pieces may be missing. Soiling, light stains or splits are common for this grade. The note is very worn with serious splits, fraying of the margins and damage.

A very heavily circulated note with numerous problems. It is totally limp with impaired visual appeal. Notes in this grade are commonly seen with pieces missing.

Grades under 4 Good are generally not collectible unless the note is rare. Notes at these grade levels are "Net" graded due to major problems. Postal services offered depend on the total cost of items, and the size and weight of the package. You will not be charged more than cost of posting.

If we can't post the same day, we will always post the following day. Any coins that I sell come with our personal guarantee. That they are what we say they are.

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  • Year of Issue: 1967
  • Sub-Type: Page
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country: England
  • Era: Elizabeth II (1952-Now)
  • Denomination: £1
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Number of Notes: 1
  • Type: Notes

£1 Bank Note Forde E01y 117533 Be74b Vf+